Gain entertainment from politics. Source your bitterness in the real world... and laugh at it.
Life of Riley is a collection of political satires written by Dave Riley.

Girt by Sea is an amalgam of several street theatre performances reworked as a play for voices (or for radio broadcast). There is nothing especially ambitious about the play as it merely tries to touch on a few notions about the mandatory detention of refugees and package them in a short, sharp piece that quickly gets down to satirical business.

Dave Riley :I'm a blogger and podcaster based in the seaside township of Beachmere, near Brisbane , Queensland, Australia.

My first online presence was Life of Riley which was originally the name of a regular satirical column I wrote for Green Left Weekly during the 1990s. As well as writing satire I've written journalism and short plays.

In the 1970s and again in the 1990s I formed and ran street theatre troupes. Today my online street theatre manual is apparently used by colleges in the US -- either that or I'm getting paid for my good looks.

I also ran theatre projects in mental hospitals while at university in the sixties and the play and feature film, Cosi -- written by the playwright, Louis Nowra -- is based on the experience during one of those productions.

In 1985, I developed Fibromyalgia and this chronic arthritic condition has formatted my life style since, limiting it so often to domestic activities. This is why I am so active in matters of the web. It's my way of working from home.

For a time I neglected to post text because I was focused elsewhere but am now also doing videoblogging after exploring audio and podcasting through The Blather project. My interest in creating video came about because of my exploration of and use of multimedia. My work in that regard was located at LeftClick -- blog and multimedia for a left and green perspective.

Since taking up video production my work has been shown on community television, archived by the Queensland State Library as part of their video collection,referenced by the BBC, and shown before hundreds as part of film screenings, conferences or forums.